Happy to offer this victory to Husqvarna!

In 27 editions, never a Husqvarna had won the Clover. I am very happy to offer this victory to the brand. I was well prepared for this appointment. To be well represented in Trefoil, you really have to take it seriously and spend time for recognition. There are the best specialists of the discipline, the strongmen of the […]

A difficult and weary race!

We had a difficult and weary race with a lot of pebbles. With Antoine’s injury, I have less competition. I win with 1’17 “ahead Saturday and 1’40” Sunday. I look at the scratch where the friendly and informal fight with Christophe Nambotin is raging. He won on Saturday but I beat him on Sunday. I will use the 3 […]

A very good Experience

Pierre Alexandre participated last week in his first ISDE (International Six Days Enduro). For his first experience in this particular event, which lasted no less than six days, Pela achieved an excellent performance by taking the third place in the scratch behind his teammates from France Christophe Nambotin and Antoine Méo. Winner of the category E2 after […]

Pela at the controls of the world

Third in the E2 World Cup in the evening of the South American tour, Pierre Alexandre had great ambitions when he arrived in Spain. Pela was keen to hit a big shot to keep all his chances of title, and that’s exactly what he did by dominating the world’s top twice in the category twice. Winner on […]

Pela loses provisional in Italy

“The results are disappointing but they are the hazards of motorsports. Saturday, I had a good day behind Salminen and Guerrero. They were faster than me in the line and I could not hang them. Saturday night, I went back on the line and it paid off because on the first clock on Sunday, I was at the […]