A difficult and weary race!

We had a difficult and weary race with a lot of pebbles. With Antoine’s injury, I have less competition. I win with 1’17 “ahead Saturday and 1’40” Sunday. I look at the scratch where the friendly and informal fight with Christophe Nambotin is raging. He won on Saturday but I beat him on Sunday.
I will use the 3 weeks without a race to rest for a few days before resuming training.

I had a great weekend

Alexandre made his second double of the season in Sweden and won the scratch on both days. He left the Scandinavian tour with a 34 point lead overall.

Pela  :   ”  I had a great weekend with 2 beautiful days. I had prepared myself mentally for this event which was announced very hard with more than 2 hours of time. I was in my element all weekend winning the scratch 2 days with a comfortable lead. The days were long and difficult. It was very physical and you had to try to save money and keep energy. Saturday went well, I did not encounter any problem. Sunday I made a mistake, which allowed Johnny Aubert to get closer, but other than that it’s great. That’s part of the good times, in the life of a pilot, and you have to know how to savor them. ” 

First double of the season

For the first time in a long time, I did a great test. I left in the lead on Saturday morning and stayed all day. The fight was intense with Antoine, Johnny and Salvini during the whole race. Unfortunately, Antoine injured himself half way and we continued at 3.
Sunday, I went limp. It rained on Saturday night and I did not choose the good foam. I came back to the contact at the end of the race and I took advantage of a mistake from Johnny to sign my first double of the season and win the scratch in front of Nambot ‘for 1/2 second. ”


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