A very good Experience

Pierre Alexandre participated last week in his first ISDE (International Six Days Enduro). For his first experience in this particular event, which lasted no less than six days, Pela achieved an excellent performance by taking the third place in the scratch behind his teammates from France Christophe Nambotin and Antoine Méo. Winner of the category E2 after a good fight with Johnny Aubert, that he caps the final on the last day, Pela has once again proved that he was the boss of this category that he also dominates in World before the final which will have place in three weeks in France.

” I spent 15 good days in Germany, we were a good group or there was a good agreement. In addition the federation had really put in place a good coaching, and had the means so that everything is perfect to participate in 6 days in good conditions. From the first day, we showed our opponents that we would be present so much that the fight more took place between the French (Christophe Nambotin, Antoine Meo, Johnny Aubert and myself) against other nations. Thursday (4 thday) was a bit more complicated for me, I got a penalty of 20 seconds which was subsequently withdrawn. On this day, I also made a bad tire choice and got a little upset. Overall, I had a good week, the ISDE is really a good experience and I’m happy to have participated,  “says Pela who returned home as soon as the event was over. ”  Now I have to meet my doctor, because I hurt my ankle; it is the problem of the big ones, the legs often drag on the ground and it is enough of a rut or an obstacle to be hurt. As of next Tuesday, I’m back on the road to compete for the finals of the French and World Championships, two championships where I intend to keep the first place I currently hold.”

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