Pela at the controls of the world

Third in the E2 World Cup in the evening of the South American tour, Pierre Alexandre had great ambitions when he arrived in Spain. Pela was keen to hit a big shot to keep all his chances of title, and that’s exactly what he did by dominating the world’s top twice in the category twice. Winner on Saturday in front of an excellent Johnny Aubert, Pierre Alexandre recurred on Sunday before Cristobal Guerrero who was determined to win on his land. But there was nothing to do against the Normand, who not happy to sign the double profits from the performance of Ivan Cervantes to take the lead in the championship! No doubt that the official Husaberg will defend his leadership position dearly, as he did so well in 2009 when he took control of the MX3 World Cross!

Pela second to Réquista

We feared the rain, but it is the wind that shook his world Saturday in Réquista. A zef of madman who carried the banners and seems to have pushed some pilots in their last entrenchments. What in any case to dry a little three beautiful specials on meadow traced by the master hands by the Motosport Réquista, which can offer a single day of racing because of the weather of the night from Saturday to Sunday compromising the conditions of security, canceling the race on Sunday.

Pela fourth in Argentina

A week after the opening of the season in Chile, the World Enduro was in Argentina last weekend. If the heat, the dust and an enthusiastic crowd were still there, the route was different with many sections drawn directly into stone fields Pela did not appreciate this route more than that and was not able to repeat her superb win of the previous week. The goal was to take big points, in a test that has done damage since Juha Salminen and Johnny Aubert both gave up on one of the two days. Twice fourth, Pierre Alexandre returns to Europe still well in the third place of the championship, with fifteen points behind Ivan Cervantes who has been very successful in these first two GP.

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