Happy to offer this victory to Husqvarna!

In 27 editions, never a Husqvarna had won the Clover. I am very happy to offer this victory to the brand.
I was well prepared for this appointment. To be well represented in Trefoil, you really have to take it seriously and spend time for recognition. There are the best specialists of the discipline, the strongmen of the world championship, and only the scratch counts.
I took the lead at the end of the first day and I did not leave, even winning all the specials of the third day. It is a great satisfaction for me. I impose myself 36 ‘in advance of Antoine. It’s great morale before heading out for the Nordic World Week next week.

I did a bad super test

As usual, I made a bad super test … too tense! Saturday, I had a little trouble to free myself at the beginning of the race but I ended the day hard and I win.
Sunday, I was a little worse. The land was concrete and that’s not what I prefer. We were still in the fight with Antoine Méo, Johnny Aubert and Alex Salvini all day. I took advantage of Salvini’s mistake to take second place.

Happy to take the lead

The weekend was difficult because of the weather conditions. Saturday it was fat and Sunday, they stopped the race a lap before the end because it was not practicable because of the rain. After the big fight with Antoine Méo in world and his 3 wins against 1, I was eager to find the championship of France to continue the explanation! The fight was intense during the two days. I win with 1 second ahead Saturday and 4 seconds ahead Sunday. I am very happy to take the lead in the provisional standings of the French championship and look forward to seeing Antoine at the next EWC event in Greece.



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