Pela loses provisional in Italy

“The results are disappointing but they are the hazards of motorsports. Saturday, I had a good day behind Salminen and Guerrero. They were faster than me in the line and I could not hang them. Saturday night, I went back on the line and it paid off because on the first clock on Sunday, I was at the same time as them. As I was faster in the other two stages, I took the lead early in the second lap. In the next line, I attacked to keep my lead but I derailed in the rocks and the chain got stuck. I managed to help myself but lost more than 4 minutes. I continued to take a few points. I lose the head of provisional for 4 points. The next two grand prizes are on Salminen lands, we’ll have to go to the polls to get the victory. ”

Pela cartonne in Portugal

Not satisfied with having put a layer in Spain, Pierre Alexandre Renet has hardback in Portugal where he largely dominated his main opponents are the Iberians Ivan Cervantes and Cristobal Guerrero. If Guerrero tried to limit the damage by finishing 5 th and 3 rd , Cervantes sank him to the second-tier weekend.
In Torres Vedras, Pela had only one real opponent in front of him, a guy who never lets go of anything and who has already proved himself: Johnny Aubert. The ch’ti finally returned to his best after a difficult start to the season gave a hard time to his buddy Normand, and both have panicked the times. If Johnny had the last word on Saturday, Pela took revenge Sunday so that both were able to toast Sunday to their good overall performance. From now on, the world is doing its big pre-summer break, since the next GP is only scheduled at the end of June in Italy.

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